How To Manifest And Amplify Opportunities In A Post COVID World

Jun 11, 2020

Episode 57


I’m ready to focus on all of the good that’s come out of the last few months. How about you?

It takes a VERY special person to be able to see the opportunities in something as devastating as a global pandemic, but those who take action and turn those opportunities into something unique are the brave ones.

What if YOU could be that brave person?

This week, Dan and I are talking about how to amplify possibilities, increase your luck, and see massive potential on a local and global scale.

We’ll also cover some of the BIG IDEAS we see coming out of this cycle of one of the most disruptive times in human history and how you can find the opportunities to accelerate, create incredible leverage, AND use some of the tools that come from Dan’s and my personal arsenals.

Dan recently spoke with author and geopolitical strategist Peter Zeihan about what’s currently happening in the world. Peter predicts movements in the world’s economy and has written some very provocative books. Dan asked him, “What impact does this crisis have on your predictions?” His answer: “Everything is going to happen faster than I predicted.”

One of the things he was predicting is that this is officially the end of the Second World War. What he meant by that is, at the end of the Second World War, there was only one country that had the military and financial power to organize the rest of the world, allowing the rebuilding of many places that had been destroyed at the center. That was the Soviet Union.

The Soviet Union was the one country supervising and protecting the rest of the world. It got to the point where the Soviet Union suddenly dropped out of the game and everybody wanted the U.S. to take over protecting and financing the rest of the world. That became a big political problem in the U.S. because a significant number of American voters asked, “Why are we paying for any of this?” That's where we are right now.

Let’s look at this through the lens of time. Imagine for a moment that aliens were observing the Earth at this moment, paying attention to our behaviors and trying to make sense of them with no basis, just observing. What they would probably say is, “There's a little ‘bug’ going around and people are dying.”

This might not be a popular thing to say, BUT we know now that lot of those numbers are probably the same as what's been going on for a long time in terms of deaths from the regular flu. Those who are sick or old and practicing bad behaviors, meaning not taking care of their physical bodies, are dying a little bit faster, but it's a blip in the grand scheme of things. Listen … I am not tone-deaf to those who may have lost loved ones during this crisis, and I'm not trying to make a value judgment. I just think that in the future, when we look at the numbers, we'll see what happened as a statistical anomaly.

I believe that much of this “crisis” has been politically motivated and more about power and money than reason or thought.

What is interesting is the opportunity that exists to rebuild the world inside your mind. Instead of building bridges and infrastructure, think about building your inner strength, becoming more resilient and strong for the inevitable changes that are going to happen, and being prepared mentally to innovate, manifest, create, and collaborate.

I believe that the power struggle that's been going on, the massive power grabs, are going to be manipulated and used to create more regulation that probably will not be pro-business and certainly will not be pro-growth. That's my gut speaking.

Our goal is to see through that garbage to see the positive opportunities; create courage, capabilities, amplification, and more leverage; and also be able to interpret what Peter and other economists observe, both locally and globally.

Listen to this episode to hear our formulas and predictions for the future—where we see some of the greatest opportunities to amplify capabilities and also where things are going to blow up and be destroyed. Enjoy!

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