Rewind: Amplify Yourself

Episode 54

In the very first episode that started it all, Dan Sullivan and Mike Koenigs set out to help you expand your business and your personal life, and provide helpful tips, ideas, and strategies with examples to get you there.

Every human being has a natural desire to increase their capability, however possible. As someone increases their skills over time, they don’t always perceive their own value as having increased as much as their customers’ perception of their value has.

The truth is, if you double your prices and get better customers, you’ll have more time to think, create, and manifest.

A worldwide survey showed that when organized by profitability, the bottom 80% of customers that accounting firms worked with were actually costing the firms money to work with them. By dropping the bottom 80% of your clients, you not only free yourself from something unprofitable and uninteresting, it also lets you jump into bigger opportunities and play a bigger game.

Looking at your most profitable clients, figure out what activities you love doing most and if there could be a business in doing only that. This formula can be applied to anything. So ask questions that reveal what someone is interested in and passionate about and, more importantly, what they see value in and where there’s a history of repeated value.

In any capital-intensive, evolutionary, entrepreneurial business, you’ll either outgrow your customers or your customers will outgrow you. You have to decide to elevate, escalate, and evolve on an ongoing basis. If you admire someone else’s growth, and they reciprocate, the relationship will last forever.