How To Resonate With And Attract The Clients You Want

Jan 18, 2019

Episode 5


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Many entrepreneurs sell themselves short and end up being limited by their situations. In this episode, Mike Koenigs and Dan Sullivan talk about how to identify and then share feelings and values in a way that will increase people’s perception of your value.

No longer served: It often happens that someone realizes that the constraints of their current situation no longer serve them.

Takes courage: Even when you’re unsatisfied with a situation, it takes courage to leave it because you don't know how things will turn out.

Resonance needed: If you’re living a business life of no compromise, you have to feel like you’re resonant with those you work with.

Paid for: You get paid for doing, then you get paid for knowing, and then you get paid for who you are.

Own stories: While some people need to be part of someone else’s story, entrepreneurs have confidence in their own personal stories.

Ideal of yourself: It might be that the type of client you want to attract is your highest idealized version of yourself.

Our product: We all create the product we need for ourselves.

Coaching importance: Coaching is as important in the 21st century as management was in the 20th century.

Feelings in advance: Just by crafting words, you can let people experience the feelings they desire ahead of time.

More valuable: Experiences are more valuable than any product or service.

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