Amplify + Multiply Your Time

Mar 4, 2020

Episode 45


This episode is all about amplifying and multiplying your time to increase your consciousness and value. It’s something that is near and dear to both Dan and me. We're talking about getting the MOST time out of the life you have.

There is one thing in this world that is fixed and that is everybody has quantitatively the same amount of time. When people say they’ve found a way to “shorten time,” it’s simply not true. That would be like shortening gravity or water. We're all given the same material (time) to work with but the gradient equality is what people do with the quantity of time that they have.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, and a few days ago, I woke up in the middle of the night with six core ideas about time shuffling around in my head. They were important enough to wake me up so I wrote them down:

  • Time Slicing
  • Time Compression
  • Folding Time
  • Chaos Elimination
  • Courage Amplification
  • Embracing The New Rules Of The Universe

Let’s take the first one, “time slicing,” for example. The basic premise is increasing your consciousness through meditation—actually slowing down time and focusing on or creating peak experiences. I believe those who focus on and in the spiritual realm are living “outside” of time versus living in the physical realm. The more conscious you are, the slower time can appear to be.

When you pack more exciting experiences into the same amount of time, you, in fact, live more. Imagine time as stacks of pancakes versus laying the pancakes end to end. There's more density to the quality of life. The quality of your life depends on how you choose to perceive and give meaning to the things happening around you and for you.

The world is getting more and more complicated every day, and it's the actual experience of unpredictable complexity that robs us of time consciousness. We’re being asked to constantly respond to new things and don't have time to reflect and give it meaning. Instead, we react. Figuring out how to slow down and become more conscious through meditation will help combat this ever-increasing problem.

Your phone and social media can be a gateway to constant, unconscious interruptions (hell on earth) or an infinite volume of wisdom, knowledge, and information (heaven on earth). Every day, you get to choose. Chaos elimination is next. In other words, owning your time by not giving it away or devaluing yourself improves your decision making. This increases your own self worth and your value to the market, and increases your consciousness and awareness.

One major example of this is unconscious consumption. To me, the biggest robber of consciousness is social media and TV. There is SO much out there readily available for consumption that it is very easy to just flip, flip, flip through, and down the rabbit hole you go, appealing to the lowest-frequency, addictive part of the human brain.

I’m guilty of doing it. Nearly EVERYONE is. Until you make the conscious decision to eliminate those “time sucks,” you’ll stay stuck and continue to lose precious time.

Evidence of this is our lowest common denominator, clickbait world of media. Journalism ceased to exist the moment it began depending on clicks to survive. One hype-induced “us or them” existential threat after another. 9/11 led to a (fake) war. Remember the big “anthrax” scare in letters that was the end of the world? Turned out to be one guy. Then SARS. Pandemic! End of the world. Nope. Then one Trump drama after another. Now it’s the coronavirus. Keep the lemmings glued to their screens. It’s “us” versus “them.” All the world's a stage, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the Wizard of Oz. It’s all just a grand illusion. Peace is behind the curtain if you choose to pull it back, look behind and contemplate …

This was such a fun episode and one that I KNOW you’re going to get great value out of, so go listen to the rest of the conversation!



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