How To Change With The Changing Economy

Jan 3, 2019

Episode 4


Some of the rules we’ve gotten used to no longer apply, and the world is going to continue to change. In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Mike Koenigs talk about how to adapt and reinvent yourself so that you always come out on top.

No normality: Things will not remain stable or “normal,” but humanity will always adapt.

Loss and opportunity: Society is going to be rocked by artificial intelligence entering the workplace and making jobs disappear quickly while also creating opportunity. Reinvention and innovation will be rewarded more than ever before.

Broken contract: Americans have had a sort of social contract since the Second World War saying that no matter how much money you spend on higher education, the future’s going to pay it back. But it’s not true anymore.

More chaos: Many people think of the use of mobile phones as a grounding mechanism, but it really just creates more chaos and more addiction.

Recognizing chaos: The ability to reinvent and create massive value for oneself is a process of recognizing and realizing that society as a whole is addicted to chaos, and that chaos is the enemy of innovation and peace.

Valueless commodity: It used to be that if you did well in school, the world would take care of you. Now, it’s easy to simply become a drone and a commodity, and the world doesn’t value commodities at all.

Inherent value: The best situation is to prize yourself and be prized by a category, for your value to be inherent. This can be done by creating a category for yourself that you own and dominate.

Telling stories: The telling of stories is increasingly crucial to reinventing yourself. The ground underfoot can change one day, but if you’re quick-minded, you can start telling a different story and stay upright.

Reinvent and expand: A fundamental part of expanding your capabilities is being able to reinvent yourself.

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