Breakthroughs Are In The Obstacles

Jan 23, 2020

Episode 39


Get Inspired, Get Creative, Solve Problems, And Get Paid For It.

This week’s conversation with Dan Sullivan came from an experience he had at an Abundance 360 annual event with Peter Diamandis.

Abundance 360 is a highly curated global community of 360 entrepreneurs, executives, and investors committed to understanding and leveraging exponential technologies to transform their businesses.

Because the event is jam-packed with expert after expert talking about things like virtual reality, artificial intelligence, machine learning, driverless cars, and spaceships to Mars, it’s VERY easy to get overloaded with information (especially for someone with ADHD, like Dan).

So Dan came up with a technique. Whenever a new prediction was made about a “breakthrough” technology, he would go to Google and punch in, for example, “What are the ten biggest obstacles for entire cities going to driverless cars?” Major obstacles for a city like New York include a massive transformation to the cars, retrofitting ALL of the streets, and a $25 BILLION dollar price tag. That’s a pretty hefty obstacle to overcome.

When anyone predicts a great new capability or “breakthrough,” look for the pushback, but also look for the strategic by-products.

Dan and I make a living by working with entrepreneurs, getting them together in groups, listening to their challenges, and coming up with creative solutions that essentially bypass or hack through the system.

I've made my living developing technology that superseded a problem or aggregated someone else's technology to solve a problem and allowing me to build infrastructure without paying for it.

One of Dan and my goals is to talk about how we get inspired, get creative, and solve problems while getting paid at the same time, allowing us to either build businesses, create businesses, or elevate and amplify other people's businesses so they make more money with less effort, and without all the problems and obstacles. Enjoy the show!

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