RIGHT NOW Is The Time To Reinvent Your Business!

Dec 3, 2019

Episode 32


Are you tired of your business and want a big change or shift in your life? How about SIMPLICITY? Would you like to “get off the road” and out of the grind? Are you the type of person who likes things to stay the same and last forever OR the type who likes change and reinvention (like ME!)?

This week, Dan and I talk about when it's time to quit and reinvent, and what happens when you know you're done and ready for the next evolution of your business and life.

Dan and I have super similar origin stories/backgrounds but very different entrepreneurial backgrounds. I'm constantly reinventing (currently in my sixth, from a business perspective) and after 30 years, Dan is still leading Strategic Coach®.

I believe that’s what makes Dan and me such great partners: DIFFERENT perspectives and experience, SAME values and end goal: Capabilities Amplified.

Dan started Strategic Coach with his partner and wife, Babs. They built it around their values and a “set of rules.” Based on this, they brought the same principles to other business owners who became annual subscribing participants.

They show up every quarter to go through this same process … and I'm one of them! They use the concepts and principles to build, grow, and expand themselves and to achieve the Four Freedoms (Time, Money, Relationship, and Purpose), and they also bring these processes and principles into their businesses.

Initially, Strategic Coach was a one-on-one coaching service. It then went into a workshop format and THAT turned out to be the real magic bullet. Dan discovered that entrepreneurs really wanted to share and compare their ideas and challenges with other entrepreneurs.

Because of Dan’s continued and proven success, he’s constantly expanding and inspired to create new “stuff”: “I would say that's our number one strategic activity—constantly creating new concepts and tools that would encourage people to stay in this process.” But there is an important distinction. When is it time to stop and when is it time to grow and reinvent inside your own set of rules?

I, on the other hand, see myself as an innovator FIRST and then as a performer, entertainer, and creator. The sheer enjoyment of creating new concepts and new thinking tools is primary over maximizing the profitability value of what I'm creating.

I remember, many years ago, hearing Tony Robbins say, “I'm 80% entertainment and 20% content,” and I was OFFENDED by that! Years later, I now understand the importance of being an entertainer. If you can’t get and keep attention, you’ll never get a chance to sell your products and services.

Look at Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger, for example. Yes, they're very good at what they do, but they’re also entertaining, interesting people who make the process of investing and doing business with them … interesting! That's what keeps people coming back.

That’s why having the best products and services is of secondary importance to having great marketing. Beyond that, having a great brand and platform is paramount.

We need to be relatable to our audience in order to create a good “brand,” but understand that everyone has their own, personal operating style. My daily passion is trying to figure out the next concept and put it together in a way that will translate into an interesting entrepreneurial experience for my audience.

That’s what drove me into my latest reinvention, which is working one on one as an advisor to business owners to help them build celebrity-class personal and business brands, grow their platforms, and increase their value 3x-5x while simplifying their lives.

Enjoy the show!

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