Expanding Toward Domination

Episode 3

Everyone wants to do bigger and bigger things, but they have to be thinking in the right way first. In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Mike Koenigs talk about the mindsets necessary to grow, to reinvent, and to maybe even dominate a category of business.

Positive domination: Anyone who creates a brand new capability will dominate a category, and it’s transformative to many others if they’re dominating it enough to create a lot of good for other people.

Two approaches: You can see a category dominator either as a threat or as something that can amplify your own capability.

Negative connotation: “Domination” can have a negative connotation for people who have been dominated recently or for people who have been dominators themselves and then lost that power.

Great story: For category domination, everything that you do in connecting with and communicating with the world has to be supported by a great story.

Human qualities: To differentiate yourself in this digital world, you have to do it on the basis of desirable human qualities that you not only show but actually live.

Starting point: The starting point for reinventing yourself is to get clear on the mindsets of the kind of people you want to create value for.

A higher level: If you look at the best relationships you’ve had in your life, you’re seeing qualities outside of yourself that you’d like to take to a higher level for yourself.