What Is The “Free Zone Frontier”?

Nov 6, 2019

Episode 28


Let me explain … ALL entrepreneurial growth consists of taking opportunities/unused capabilities and unused resources and putting the two together in a NEW way, therefore pushing the frontier of human ambition and capability into the future in such a way that you have a FREE ZONE. Free of competition and regulation … the two main things that interfere with entrepreneurial activity and success.

Download your copy of the Free Zone Frontier here.

The original concept came from a book Dan read called The Frontier In American History. It's the story of how the frontier in America went from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific Coast between 1620 and 1890, growing the population from 220 to 63 million people. The magic formula being, combining free people with (more or less) free land.

This geographic free zone lasted from 1620 to 1890, but WE grew up in the second free zone … The Entrepreneurial Free Zone that started in the 1970s, right around the time the first personal computers came into existence. This time period created MUCH more of an exciting future than the geographic free zone.

Having been entrepreneurs for most of our lives, Dan and I have always made breakthroughs when we’ve used existing, underused resources and capabilities to create new opportunities to operate in areas where we can be exponentially more productive and profitable.

Our goal is to keep PUSHING OUT THE FRONTIER WHERE FREE ZONES CAN BE CREATED. We think podcasting is a REALLY great example of this. Think about it … we would NOT have been able to do this podcast 35 years ago because it would have cost us more money to produce than it could produce. But because of technology and the internet, we can now create little Free Zones. Capability Amplifier is what we would call a “Free Zone Frontier.”

Looking forward to what the NEXT Free Zone Frontiers might be … there are ENDLESS possibilities.

For Millennials, freedom exists inside of a machine. To them, being free is about being connected. There’s the virtual zone with augmented and virtual reality, the gaming world and kids trading goods in the digital world.

There’s the inner world. The world of spirit. Not just spirituality, but cognition and the mental worlds that I've been calling the #SuperBeing zone, having anything to do with the enhancement of human consciousness and expansion.

We also can’t forget about space! With companies like SpaceX and the privatization of space travel, we know that sometime in the not so distant future, we will most likely be populating Mars and mining asteroids in space for raw materials.

The new Free Zones that represent unlimited, infinite wealth, abundance, and opportunity are right around the corner, so if you want to hear more … then tune in to this episode of the podcast. Your mind will be blown!

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