The Church Of Rock And Roll With Jason Flom!

Sep 24, 2019

Episode 22


Let’s be real for a minute… we ALL had dreams of being big ROCK STARS when we were little kids! Well, my recent podcast guest, Jason Flom was no different. Jason turned his dreams of Rock and Roll stardom into reality while making the world a better place at the same time.

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with the leading American Music Executive, CEO, Philanthropist and Entrepreneur, Jason Flom and wow, was it interesting!

Jason started in the music industry when he was 18 years old, putting up posters at record stores, worked HARD, worked his way up and eventually became Chairman and CEO of Atlantic Records.

With his strong beliefs, instilled by his dad from the time he was a kid, “Do whatever you want to do, try to be the best at it, but just make the world a better place”, Jason went on to start The Church of Rock and Roll. Here are a few snippets of our conversation …

“I started the music business when I was 18, putting up posters at record stores. I started at Atlantic Records on July 31, the hottest day of the year, they gave me a staple gun, roll of double-sided tape, Led Zeppelin posters and a ladder and I went off to the record stores and was climbing around and I thought it was the greatest job in the world. $4 an hour AND they let me have as many free records as I wanted. I thought to myself, ‘this is COOL!” That's when I gave up my Rockstar dreams and decided I wanted to be in the music business.”
-Jason Flom

“The origin of the story is that I was on my couch, where most of my good ideas happened. I was watching John Oliver do his remarkable diatribe on televangelist and I had this idea that I wanted to start a movement for people to come together under, these principles that I think Jesus really stood for. Without any of the dogma or negativity and create a new way for people to gather and work together to do good things, and feel good.”
-Jason Flom

So if you want to know how to make it in the music industry AND help people by doing good at the same time … then check out this episode!

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