Robo Taxis And Autonomous Vehicles with Steve Jurvetson

Sep 10, 2019

Episode 20


This is the future of technology.

Do you GEEK OUT over stuff like quantum mechanics, artificial intelligence, predicting the future, robotics, automation, and self-driving cars? If this sounds like you, you’re in for a real treat!

Recently, I attended The Near Future Summit in San Diego, CA. It’s an AWESOME event and community of “entrepreneurs, activists, inventors, and investors who enjoy helping one another achieve lofty goals.”

At the event, I had the incredible opportunity to spend time with and interview Steve Jurvetson. Besides being endlessly fascinating and brilliant, he is one of Elon Musk’s best friends.

I was super psyched to speak to Steve and have the chance to pick his brain about the future of technology. Steve is a businessman and venture capitalist, an early investor in Hotmail, founder at Future Ventures, and a current board member of SpaceX and Tesla.

In short: He’s been really successful at predicting trends and opportunities and is way ahead of the curve. I trust his predictions and perspective. Steve has been on my “must interview” list for years, and now YOU get access to his brain in a condensed interview on the show today!

Check out a few of the things Steve is excited about:

“Well, I have never been more excited. I love learning. I love technology, I'm a geek at heart. There's more learning and more frontiers than ever before. Specifically, there's a lot going on, obviously, in autonomous vehicles and driving that will touch all of our lives when we switch to these robo taxi fleets and urban equivalents where you just imagine Uber or Lyft experience, but without the driver, without the smells, with a car that has no cockpit and you have all the room in the world, and it's just a better experience in every way, three times safer, three times cheaper … we’ll have a million robo taxis on the road by 2020.”

“Quantum computing is as weird as the name implies. It uses quantum mechanics as the fundamental basis of computation in a way that is unlike any computer you've ever heard of before. The important thing to keep in mind is it's not just ‘another supercomputer.’ It engages the computational resources of parallel universes. Now, if you're only competing in this universe, how could you compete with parallel universes of trillions of refractive echoes across these computational resources that are replicated across parallel universes? I mean, like, your mind explodes.”


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