Capability-Enabling Technologies

Nov 29, 2018

Episode 2


Being aware of coming changes can help you find the biggest opportunities. In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Mike Koenigs talk about technologies that will be making huge impacts in industries in the not-too-distant future.

World multiplier: Who you are at your best is being multiplied by the world around you.

Category domination: Find a unique way of telling your story so that people instantly acknowledge and recognize you as an authority, expert, and thought leader. This allows you to charge premiums, command the stage, and command the media.

Worldwide upsides: Overall, the global population is better off than ever before, and abundance is a key part of that.

Humanity is bigger: Humanity will always be bigger than anything that humans create. What we do is use technologies to grow.

A big shift: A shift in context, language, and category changes people’s behavior and their thinking structure.

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